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Individual application

Complete the form below to apply for an individual 2018 exhibiting membership.

This form is for artists wishing to have an personal entry in the brochure and on the website.

Contact details
Name of registering artist
Please provide your address
Please include your full postcode
This is the phone number that will be displayed in the brochure. Please use the following formats: landline 020 1234 5678 or mobile 01234 567 890
Brochure and website details
Use the name you want to appear in the brochure and on the website
Only complete if the exhibiting address is different from your home address.
Exhibiting venue not yet known
To be confirmed by mid-April 2018 at the very latest.
Are you a member of a group *
Would you be prepared to share your space with other artists? *
This only applies to 'additional' artists and does not include artists that you already know are sharing your venue.
Date and times
When will you be exhibiting? *
Please select which dates you will be exhibiting. We encourage all our members to exhibit during the entire event.
Times specified must start and end on the hour e.g. 2pm-4pm
Discipline/medium *
Please select up to three disciplines. If you select more than three, only the first three will be displayed in the brochure.
If your discipline is not listed above, please list them below. Please note, these count towards your three as above. If you wish to be more specific on type of medium you can add up to three descriptive words below e.g. watercolour; portraiture; bronze
Add a brief description of what you do. No more than 200 characters, preferably 150 or less. Try to avoid repeating writing your chosen discipline. Please note, we may edit this text to fit in the brochure.
A description of what you do. This can be longer and include more detail of your work and your processes.
Can we display your phone number? *
We would like to include your phone number in the brochure. Please note, no phone numbers will be included on the website.
Can we display your email address? *
We would like to include your email in the brochure. Please note, no email addresses will be included on the website.
Can we display your venue address on your BEAT website entry? *
Payments accepted *
Are you able to accept the following payment methods during BEAT 2018? Please tick as many as apply.
Is your venue wheelchair accessible? *
We will indicate in the brochure whether or not your venue is accessible for those with limited mobility. Please assess whether the exhibiting venue is good (no steps or awkward access); limited (accessible with a little help); or poor (not suitable for wheelchair users).
Please indicate if you’re going to be holding demonstrations at your BEAT venue
If you have a website provide the full web address (e.g.
Terms & Conditions *
By ticking the checkbox below you agree to the Exhibiting Terms and Conditions of the Borough of Ealing Art Trail


The BEAT application is a three-step process:

  • Artist and exhibiting information
  • Image upload
  • Payment

Once you have successfully completed the three steps, you will get an email confirming that we've received your application and that it is being processed.

Please note, the information on this form will only be saved once you have clicked "next" at the end of this page. If you close the browser window whilst completing the application form, the information you have entered will not be saved.

If you have any problems with the application, please contact us at