Support BEAT

Are you a local business or organisation and keen to support the Art and Business scene in the London Borough of Ealing? Then consider supporting BEAT in one of the many ways detailed below.


A unique opportunity to identify yourself or your organisation as a supporter of the Art & Business scene in the London Borough of Ealing

Ealing is a borough full of artistic talent. BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) is an exciting initiative by local artists to provide an opportunity for artists living, working or studying in the London Borough of Ealing to show off their work by opening up their homes or studios to the general public.

The inaugural event took place over two consecutive weekends in September 2016, with around 120 local artists and artisans showing their work in a wide variety of venues spread right across the borough. Each year this number increases! 


The concept of BEAT has been taken from many similar and successful events run all over London, across the country and indeed around the world. The initial meeting in September 2015 brought together numerous like-minded artists from the many locally based art organisations/groups. However, it must be stressed that BEAT will not be affiliated to any one art group or political organisation within the borough and will always aim to be a voluntary organisation of artists for artists.


  • To hold an annual event, enabling members to sell and promote their work, building up links between themselves and the community
  • To encourage mutual mentoring amongst members
  • The development of an artist community network, open to all
  • To reach thousands of people in Ealing and beyond as potential visitors to our event
  • To identify Ealing (in its broadest sense) as a creative and artistic centre, complimenting the other local cultural, arts and enterprise activities already established in the Borough’s calendar.


BEAT is a constituted, not for profit, incorporated club/association, with an elected steering committee.

Several annual meetings will be held for members including an AGM and open planning and review meetings.

Anyone may apply to join BEAT and pay an annual membership fee. Participation in the open studios event is non-selective but will require a participation fee.

BEAT will be an inclusive organisation, bringing together artists from diverse cultural, professional and ability backgrounds, and working in a broad range of media, including but not limited to painting; printing; textiles; sculpture; glass; collage; mosaics; metal work; photography; ceramics, and woodwork.

BEAT will offer a window into the world of local artists and their passion for creating.


As well as this website, we have established social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Annually, we design an event brochure, of which in the region of 20,000 copies to be widely distributed as well as other publicity material such as posters, banners, flyers etc.


BEAT is a non-profit making organisation, with funding coming from membership and participation fees; advertising in the event brochure and sponsorship. 

We would be grateful if you could support our cultural art project in any way! Although we have established prices for advertising and corporate sponsorship packages, the amount you give is completely up to you.

Being a sponsor will identify you or your organisation as a contributor to and supporter of the Art & Business scene in the London Borough of Ealing. If you think this might be of interest to you or your organisation, please get in touch by emailing us on