BEAT Constitution

BEAT (Borough of Ealing Art Trail) is a voluntary organisation of artists, founded in 2015.

The aims of BEAT are:

  • To hold an annual Open Studio/Art Trail event in the London Borough of Ealing, run on a voluntary basis, led by the artists themselves and managed by a steering committee/group.
  • To enable each participating artist to show their work to the public, either in their own home or studio or in another local space. The aim is for the participating artists to not only exhibit their work, but also to sell and promote it, building up links between other artists and the local community.
  • To be an inclusive organisation, bringing together artists from diverse cultural, professional, age and ability backgrounds, and working in a broad range of media.
  • To encourage mutual mentoring amongst members and the development of an artist community network.
  • To encourage an appreciation of the visual arts and to build a diverse and informal local audience in West London.
  • To identify Ealing as a creative and artistic centre, complementing other cultural, arts and enterprise activities already established in the Borough’s calendar

Steering Committee

The steering committee is the governing body of BEAT. 

  • The members of the steering committee are confirmed and/or elected at the AGM. 
  • The committee comprises a Chair, a Treasurer and a Secretary plus other members as determined necessary to fulfil the remit of BEAT. 
  • Normal tenure for each post will be three years with re-election. Extension of tenure is possible if agreed by majority decision of the committee.
  • The committee meets regularly and agenda contributions will be solicited from members of the steering committee. 
  • The steering committee makes all decisions regarding BEAT and decides on all matters of policy and practise. Where feasible, the views of the membership will be considered when arriving at a decision, but the views expressed by members are not binding upon the steering committee. 
  • The steering committee oversees the budget and three elected members will be appointed as signatories for the BEAT bank account.
  • Agendas and minutes will be made available on request to all members


BEAT is a non-selective organisation and anyone may apply to join BEAT, so long as they live, work or study in the Borough of Ealing. 

  • Members will pay an annual membership fee, renewable each year.
  • Members may apply to take part in the annual open studios/art trail event and will pay an exhibiting fee plus a brochure entry fee, where appropriate. 
  • A group of artists may exhibit for the price of one brochure entry fee plus a membership and exhibiting fee for each group member included in the exhibition.

Members Meeting

BEAT will hold at least two meetings annually for all members.

  • An annual general meeting (AGM), combined with a feedback meeting, will be held after the open studios/art trail event. Ideally this will take place in October/November.
  • At least one other open meeting will be held prior to the open studios/art trail event.
  • The occasional social events will be encouraged.

Open Studios/art trail event

The open studios/art trail event will take place over two consecutive weekends in September [or as determined] each year.

  • All exhibiting BEAT members, or a representative from a group, will be encouraged to volunteer to help organise the event.
  • Volunteers will meet up as necessary to bring about a successful event for members and visitors.
  • Each artist is expected to distribute promotional literature and brochures to a defined area that is local to them a few weeks prior to the event taking place.
  • Each exhibitor is expected to be present at their venue over the BEAT weekends.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for the organisation of their own venue in accordance with the published BEAT Terms and Conditions for Exhibiting.

Assets and Budget

BEAT is a not-for-profit organisation.

  • The finances of BEAT will be formally audited each year by an auditor agreed and elected at the AGM.
  • Members of the steering committee may commit substantial amounts of time and may be awarded reasonable expenses for such things as travel and administration expenses.
  • Reimbursements may be made for personal payments made toward items such as printing costs, hall hire, refreshments for BEAT events, with appropriate proof of expenditure.
  • After payment for goods and services, any monies remaining at the end of any one year will normally be ploughed into the next year’s activity.
  • If there is no activity for a year or more, the assets will be given to an arts related fund or organisation as agreed by the steering committee.

BEAT COMMITTEE, October 2017