West London Art Factory

A unique and creative collection of 22 studio spaces, home to 25 residents working on varied and exciting projects, including collaborations. Launched in 2010 by husband and wife team, James and Jewel Goodby, WLAF has developed and built into a community and network of artists practicing across many mediums. 

In September 2017 the factory moved to its new location on Dukes Road, converting an empty warehouse into the bright, open-roof studio spaces used today. Each studio is transformed by its residents to suit how they create, making WLAF a diverse and inspiring atmosphere, drawing artists and art enthusiasts together.

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Venue 88+

153 Dukes Road, W3 0SL

Exhibiting times

Saturday 15th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 16th Sept — 11am to 6pm

Cash and cards accepted
Wheelchair accessible: Limited