Posts in 2017
Bronwen Dace

With a background in textile design, I am drawn to the patterns created by nature. I am particularly interested in the distortions and reflections in water. Many of my paintings include exotic flowers and foliage seen in Singapore and Kew Gardens. I paint local scenes and try to convey the beauty of nature in the changing seasons.

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Cherry Ehrlich

Cherry Ehrlich writes, 'I like my work to have a playful quality. I make objects and assemblages from discarded materials and scraps; used paper, cardboard, wire, wood, found objects with a tactile or visual quality. I stick, scrape, soak in glue, draw under and on top of surfaces, push, tear and twist materials seeking resolution. More recently I have been working primarily in sketchbooks, and drawing using a variety of different types of paper. I hope the viewer finds some emotional connection or resonance in my work'

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