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“Motherhood” Paintings and Drawings by Susanne du Toit

  • Felix & Spear 71 Saint Mary's Road London, England, W5 5RG United Kingdom (map)

Felix & Spear Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings and drawings by the award winning artist Susanne du Toit (born 1955).

At the centre of Susanne du Toit’s latest series of portraits, Motherhood, are three generations of the same family. The subjects of these paintings are her daughters, sharing intimate and often uncomfortable moments with their own children – in the womb, at the breast, finding their feet. Meanwhile, on the other side of the canvas there is du Toit herself, grandmother and painter, reliving the harsh and formative experience of motherhood through these scenes.

Susanne du Toit has always preferred to paint those closest to her. She explains:
“I like to use my family as subjects because I feel that this is my world, that it’s unique to me, and this makes my work personal rather than generic. I found this series especially rewarding to paint, because I can remember the inner-turmoil of motherhood so clearly. For me – and for many others I’m sure – having children was a decision I made freely but could never quite reconcile myself with. I certainly don’t regret it, but being a mother and being an artist are two very different realities, which I found to be in constant tension with one another. For many years, this led to a profound dualism in my life, and now I can see my daughters facing the same situation.”

 Solfeggietto, 95 x 125 cm, oil on linen

Solfeggietto, 95 x 125 cm, oil on linen