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  • Artisian Coffee 32 New Broadway London, England, W5 2XA United Kingdom (map)

As modern day humans, we are often very quick to judge, remark and make assumptions based on people’s appearance, but this striking series of intimate portraits leaves everything to the imagination – deliberately cropping out clothing, shoes, environment and posture.
In association with Ealing Soup Kitchen, photographer Remy Whiting sympathetically explores the people who make use of this amazing service.

As the viewer you might formulate questions: “who is this person”, “what’s their story” - but, we hope, will struggle to put together a solid background or categorically put them in a box. This interactive exhibition asks you to pick the correct stories under each portrait, based purely on looking into the eyes of these Ealing Soup Kitchen clients. Their stories are all different. Some are homeless. Some have lost all hope. Some struggle with self esteem. Some struggle with addictions. Some suffer from mental health afflictions. Some are volunteers. Some are staff.

Soup, Artisian Coffee, Ealing

The aim of this unique exhibition is to make you stop and look deeper, inviting you into a silent dialogue between youself and the faces of the people staring back at you – giving these faces a chance to tell their story before jumping to conclusions. All of the people who kindly sat for a portrait are the same as you and I; any one of us could be in any one of these situations today, tomorrow, next year. These are the people living in our community and we can all do a little more to help them. Ealing Soup Kitchen is happening in our community and we can all do a little more to support it.

Later Event: March 2
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