Simon Tayler

Following a successful career in the film and TV industry as a special effects designer I am now getting back to my roots and first love as a sculptor. I have a BA Hons in Fine Art Sculpture from Liverpool School of Art, where I was also awarded the prestigious post graduate John Moores Scholarship. My work is concerned with form, materials and textures. I’m interested in the organic and the mechanical and regard my work as a series of experiments. I’m aware that there are elements of symbolism and metaphor in my work but choose not to analyse this too deeply.



42 Rosebank Road, W7 2EN

Exhibiting times

Saturday 7th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 8th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Saturday 14th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 15th Sept — 11am to 6pm

Wheelchair accessible: Good