Pippa Abrahams

A variety of mediums are used to transform old newspapers and waste paper into decorative functional items and also into wearable pieces of art. Each piece is completely unique and inspired by Buddhist philosophy and the world around us. 
Paper is torn up, soaked, sieved and mixed with a variety of medium to transform it into paper mache, paper pulp or paper clay depending on what is to be made. Armatures can be existing forms found in the kitchen, or made individually with all manner of materials. Often they are made with just crumpled up newspaper and masking tape.

The whole process is labour intensive and when the form is eventually finished, the final painting and varnishing processes complete the piece.

Each bead and pendant of the wearable art pieces are individually formed and painted. Silver plated gold plated findings are used unless otherwise specified.

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Garden Flat, 4 Golden Manor, W7 3EE

Exhibiting times

Friday 7th Sept — 4pm to 8pm
Saturday 8th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 9th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Friday 14th Sept — 4pm to 8pm
Saturday 15th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 16th Sept — 11am to 6pm

Cash and cheques accepted
Wheelchair accessible: Poor