Peter Esslemont

Marks accumulate, collide and intersect, opening up space. Slow and fast, short and long, marks also record the activity of their making. The autographic mark, the sign of the maker, is important in my practice. They allow equivalents to be found to things in the visible world and allow the body-in-space to be made present. Mark-making is freewheeling, experimental, being open to experience.

Recent work or paper has used Uccello’s Battle of San Romano as a starting point for a series of drawings. The act of mark-making works against the Renaissance perspectival space but opens up a new and different space, more like the work of Chinese calligraphers. 

I’m inspired by many artists who have incorporated gesture into their work. From the blot landscapes of Alexander Couzens to the Zen inspired works of Brice Marden, there’s a wide spectrum of historic and contemporary practice which informs my work.

I hope that the artists' gesture can in turn reach out and touch the viewer.

Venue 43+

Exhibiting times

Saturday 9th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 10th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Saturday 16th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 17th Sept — 11am to 6pm