Houria Niati

I am a painter, writer, photographer, digital artist but I also use my voice as a mean for expressing deep emotions.

For the moment I am into painting of portraiture based on my "fauve" experience. 

The theme is about people no matter who they are.  I am not about precision and "look alike" . I am more about what in their heart and how they are living their emotions.  I always paint using my memory and my imagination. I do remember starting my art school (Croydon College of Art 1979-82) with a lot of portraits and it was the time I started my project "No ToTorture" a tribute of women who fight during the Algerian Revolution.

Painting liberated me and gave me  the strength of speaking out. I always wanted my art for humanity and for freedom of speech and spirituality.

Houria Niati

Venue 9

Exhibiting times

Friday 8th Sept — 4pm to 8pm
Sat 9th Sept — 11am to 10pm
Sunday 10th Sept — 11am to 10pm