Cherry Ehrlich

'I make objects, assemblages and I draw. I like my work to have a playful quality and enjoy discovering something new from, and about, working with the materials and scraps that inspire me. This can be used paper, cardboard, wire, wood, found objects with a tactile and visual quality, or resonance. I stick, scrape, soak in glue or water to refashion; push, tear and twist materials. I glory in accidents that send me in a different direction. I have produced a number of large drawings this year using a variety of different types of paper, and I continue to explore thoughts and ideas in sketchbooks. It is a personal journey but I hope the viewer finds some emotional connection in my work'.

Cherry Ehrlich draws inspiration from artists like Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeois and Philip Guston, as well as her former tutors at Kensington and Chelsea College and Camberwell (University of the Arts, London), where - having moved on from a past life in public service - she was delighted to graduate with a BA Fine Art (Drawing) in 2007. At her Stewkley House studio in Perivale she continues to pursue her creative ambitions combining this with family caring responsibilities.


Venue 77+

Studio 4, ACAVA Studios, Stewkley House, 2 Wadsworth Road, UB6 7JD

Exhibiting times

Saturday 14th Sept — 11am to 6pm
Sunday 15th Sept — 11am to 6pm

Wheelchair accessible: Poor