Andy Lomas

Andy Lomas is a digital artist, mathematician, and Emmy award winning supervisor of computer generated effects. His work explores how complex scuptural forms can be created emergenty by simulating growth processes. Inspired by the work of Alan Turing, D'Arcy Thompson and Ernst Haeckel, it exists at the boundary between art and science.

The results are both alien and familiar. Using a combination of evolutionary methods and machine learning, the space of possibilities is explored to discover areas of rich emergent behaviour.

[BROCHURE] cellularForm_14_0014_0129_BasRelief_1.JPG

He has had work exhibited in many international exhibitions, including at the Pompidou Centre, The Royal Society, SIGGRAPH, Kinetica, the Japan Media Arts Festival, the Ars Electronica Festival, LifeSpace, the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo, the ZKM, as well as more locally at Watermans. He has work in the collection at the V&A, and was selected by Saatchi Online to contribute to a special exhibition in the Zoo Art Fair at the Royal Academy of Arts.

In 2014 Cellular Forms won The Lumen Prize Gold Award, as well as the Best Artwork Award from the A-Eye exhibition at AISB-50, and an Honorary Mention from the jury at the Ars Electronica Festival.


His production credits include Walking With Dinosaurs, Matrix: Revolutions, Matrix: Reloaded, Over the Hedge, The Tale of Despereaux, Avatar, and he received Emmys for his work on The Odyssey (1997) and Alice in Wonderland (1999).

You can see several examples of his work on Vimeo at


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